Healing Touch is a heart-centered philosophy and way of caring for self and others.

Healing Touch offers a comprehensive approach to health and healing that focuses on the energetic balance of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This evidenced-based integrative therapy is used widely in healthcare settings to complement traditional medical care, by holistic providers in private practices and individuals for self-care and care of family and friends.

Easy to learn and apply, Healing Touch is ideal for anyone to use to effectively relieve pain, reduce anxiety, support the body’s natural self-healing process and create lasting positive change.

People Who Receive Healing Touch Frequently Report:
  • Relief from pain, anxiety, and tension.
  • Better sleep, mood, and emotional balance.
  • Reduction in side effects from cancer, medical, and pharmaceutical treatments.
  • ​Improvement in chronic conditions.
  • ​Healing faster from physical injury, surgery, and medical procedures.
  • ​Increase balance of body, mind and spirit.
The Healing Touch Program Fast Track is an accelerated series of scheduled Healing Touch Levels 1, 2 and 3 live online classes tailored for anyone who is ready to develop knowledge and skill in energy-based therapy to support the healing and health of their self and others. This package offers tuition discounts and includes value added extras! 

Fast Track guides students through the three Foundational Levels of Healing Touch with a planned schedule of live online courses and practice sessions. The Fast Track Package is completed in 3 months and the courses count toward the requirements for certification as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.

Students who have already purchased the Foundation Package and have not yet attended a Level 1 class are eligble to upgrade to the Fast Track Package and sign up for a Fast Track Class Series.

Use energy healing with confidence and skill in just three months, 
even if you are new to energy work.

Whether you are new to energy healing or have experience with other modalities, Fast Track will provide you education and practice that will instill knowledge, skill, experience and confidence in understanding and working with the human energy system.


In this live three-month online series, you will be expertly guided through experiential learning in professional online classes taught live by our highly experienced certified instructors using the standardized Healing Touch Program curriculum.


After each class you have the opportunity to participate in two instructor led group sessions where you can increase your skill and confidence by practice the techniques, sharing experiences and asking questions.


This series will provide what you need to use Healing Touch techniques to create change in your life and support natural healing in yourself and others. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health benefit from this safe, trusted, holistic therapy.

The Fast Track Package Includes:

  • Healing Touch Level 1, Foundational Discovery Class (*16 CE hours). This class provides you with a foundational understanding of the human energy system, the energetic connection between mind, body and spirit and 12 highly effective hands-on healing techniques to open, clear and balance the energy system.
  • ​Two live online instructor led group practice sessions using the Level 1 techniques (90 minutes each, optional attendance). 
  • Healing Touch Level 2, Clinical Applications Class (*16 CE hours). In this deeper class, you will develop your therapeutic skills to energetically interview and assess clients, create sacred space and combine techniques for a full-length healing session. This level includes 9 additional hands-on healing techniques to add to your Healing Touch Level 1 skills.
  • ​Two live online instructor led group practice sessions using the Level 2 techniques (90 minutes each, optional attendance).
  • Healing Touch Level 3, Foundational Discovery Class (*16 CE hours). Dive into this class which is designed to cultivate your ability to apply intuition, listen to guidance and harness universal energy to address more complex health issues and promote lasting healing. This class focuses on your development as an energy practitioner through self-care and personal practices. This level includes 9 additional advanced hands-on healing techniques. 
  • Two live online instructor led group practice sessions using the Level 3 techniques (90 minutes each, optional attendance).
  • ​Beautifully illustrated and information packed Education Materials mailed to you: Level 1, 2 and 3 Class Notebooks; Level 1, 2 and 3 Technique Review Cards; 2 Energy Charts to facilitate and complement your learning.
  • ​A one-year membership in the Healing Touch Professional Association which provides the Healers Development series, additional energy education courses, online community practice groups and much more.
  • ​Experienced and friendly student support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

Benefits Fast Track Provides:

  • Learn online from the comfort of your home, eliminating travel cost and reducing time commitment.
  • Save on tuition and get value added extras.
  • Accelerate your skill through the live online practice sessions led by your instructor.
  • Develop confidence in using energy healing with others and for your own self-care.
  • Create relationships with other like-minded people you will get to know on a personal and spiritual level.
  • Deepening learning with extensive online student resources to ensure you have the tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • Our small classes are limited to 18 students that provide individual attention.
  • Classes apply toward certification requirements for the board-certified Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential.

Proven Quality and Professionalism You Can Trust

  • For over 30 years, Healing Touch Program has taught tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and individuals around the world to use Healing Touch to promote healing and balance of body, mind and spirit.
  • The Healing Touch Program curriculum is standardized and was developed by Janet Mentgen, RN in the 1980s.
  • ​Students, Practitioner and Instructors follow the professional Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice.

Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Healing Touch Program has been peer-reviewed and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association.

* Healing Touch classes provide continuing education hours for nurses.

Who Would Benefit from the Healing Touch Program Fast Track?

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from learning Healing Touch. This series is great for the general population, parents, educators, healthcare providers and holistic healers. No experience in energy healing is needed to enroll in Fast Track. If you have a desire to improve life in profound and natural ways, this path is for you.

Reasons a variety of people can benefit from taking Healing Touch classes and gaining energy healing skills:
  • Improve Health: A primary reason is to address ongoing health issues that are not resolving like chronic pain or fatigue, insomnia or anxiety.
  • ​​Career Change: One of the main reasons is wanting a career change to become an Energy Healing Practitioner. It is important to prepare yourself with the correct skills required by taking courses in a reputable comprehensive program.
  • ​Learn Specific Skills: Some individuals are new to Energy Healing and need basic understanding of the human energy systems, how to work with energy and specific techniques to influence healing and wellbeing. Others might have experience from other programs but world benefit from case management, documentation and practitioner ethics. Healthcare providers may desire to add energy healing to their professional practice. 
  • Gain More Experience: You may have studied energy healing but lack practical experience and would benefit from instructor lead sessions and practice with other students.
  • Achieve a Professional Credential: Even if you have plenty of energy healing experience, achieving a board-certified practitioner credential will allow you to reach new clients. Displaying your professional certificate adds credibility, trust and valued. 
Visit the Fast Track Schedule 
page to pick the Series that 
fits your schedule.

Upcoming Fast Track Series

Fast Track Tuition: $1,986  $1,297
SAVE $689 over individual class tuition, services and products!  Pay in full or choose a three-month payment plan.

Fast Track Package Includes:
  • Healing Touch Levels 1, 2 and 3 live online classes - VALUE $1491. (48 hours of live experiential learning 
  • 6 Instructor led online practice sessions - VALUE of $300. (90 minutes each for a total of 9 hours of practice)
  • 30 effective energy healing techniques that you can use effectively.
  • ​Lessons in energy theory and anatomy.
  • ​Energetic assessment tools - Discover how to find energetic imbalances.
  • ​Direct practice experience with guidance and feedback.
  • ​Step-By-Step Class Notebooks and Technique Review Cards - $60 savings. Know exactly what to do next.
  • ​FREE! 12 month membership in Healing Touch Professional Association - $135 savings and over $5,000 value.
  • ​FREE! Lite Subscription to Energy Magazine.
  • ​48 ANCC Continuing Education Hours (for nurses).
  • Student Support Portals with extensive resources to ensure you have the tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • ​A community of like-minded people that support your growth as an Energy Practitioner.
TOTAL VALUE: $1986 - SAVE $689 by purchasing a Fast Track Package
Scholarship Program
The Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation (HTWF) is offering scholarships to help those who are interested in advancing their Healing Touch education, but may not have the financial means. Scholarships are awarded four times a year. 
For Details see the HTWF Scholarship Program.

Techical Requirements for Online Learning

To ensure you have the best experience with the online platform, please meet these requirements before the start date of your class.
  • Personal computer or table that can open the online Class and Support Portals.
  • A Zoom account (Basic free or Pro account).
  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE).
  • ​Speakers and a microphone – built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth.
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in, USB plug-in.
  • ​Ability to open PDF and Word documents.
 Begin your Healing Touch Journey and join over 130,000 people like YOU that have changed their lives with these three easy steps: 
Step 1: Enlighten
Discover the basics of Energy Healing and how you can optimize health and well-being.  
Step 2: Empower
Learn practices that restore balance and support natural healing.
Step 3: Practice
Begin the path to healing for yourself and others. Practice with confidence, as you learn to support the individual as a Whole—body, mind and spirit. 
16 Hour Live Online Class  
Level 1 provides you with a foundational understanding of the human energy system, the energetic connection between mind, body and spirit and 12 simple, yet highly effective hands-on techniques to promote healing, health and well-being in yourself and others.
Plus discover how to connect with your own quiet center and open up to new insights and ideas.

By the end of the class, you will gain understanding of the human energy system, confidence to share this with others and a  framework to practice within. 

Classes are taught by one of our Healing Touch Certified Instructors.

Two 90-minute online live practice sessions using the Level 1 techniques - led by the Instructor.
You'll get...
  • 12 techniques you can use immediately to relieve pain and calm emotions in yourself and others.
  • ​A step-by-step Notebook and Technique Review Cards that illustrate each healing technique and helps you understand the fundamental concepts and principles of Healing Touch.
  • ​Practice using your hands and heart to foster healing in yourself and others. 
  • ​Heightened awareness of your subtle energy body (the invisible field that is the source for true health and well-being), the human energetic anatomy and how it is connected to mind, body and spirit.  
  • ​Knowledge of how to assess and evaluate the seven chakras and energy layers that surround the body. 
  • ​Ways to maintain balance in your own energy system so that you can thrive.
  • Confidence to share this exciting work with your friends, family, co-workers and in your community. 
  • ​Resources that demonstrate the scientific validity of Healing Touch. 
  • ​Introduction to the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that make the Healing Touch Program a professional program.  
  • ​Connection to a community of healers. 
  • ​And so much more... 
Level 1 Student Experiences 
“What's great is the amount of hands-on experience and how quickly I got a good sense of how this works... (The instructors) did a great job of getting us together and getting everyone to practice quickly and effectively.”

-Susan P.
Sharp-Coronado Hospital, Coronado, California 
“I was hooked on Healing Touch shortly after taking my Level 1 class. A client who had head-to-toe hives from an allergic reaction was relieved (of her hives) after receiving Magnetic Clearing. I continue to be humbled and awed at the profound healing that is possible with this work.”
-David M.
Asheville,North Carolina  
“I am impressed with the integrity and credibility of the Healing Touch Program. I plan to incorporate into my clinical practice the reminder of how powerful and special {it is} to be of service to others with love and energy.”

-Rosann G. 
Appleton, Wisconsin 
“Thank you for such a powerful experience. I feel like I now have language and context around my experience with energy and intuition. I feel like I have found my tribe! Thank you for creating sacred space of unconditional love, acceptance while being grounded & centered.” 

-Erin L.
Boulder, Colorado
16 Hour Live Online Class
In Level 2 you will develop your therapeutic skills to energetically interview and assess clients, create sacred space and combine techniques for a full-length healing session.
This level includes 9 additional hands-on techniques to add to your Healing Touch Level 1 skills.   

By the end of this class, you’ll gain confidence and skill in facilitating one-hour healing sessions with intake interviews and complete documentation. 
Two 90-minute online live practice sessions using the Level 2 techniques - led by the Instructor.
You will ...
  • Learn new techniques to address back and neck pain, and promote deep healing.
  • Learn how to perform an intake interview with your clients including an energetic assessment to uncover root causes.
  • Discover how to clinically document your work with clients.
  • ​Explore ways to create a healing environment anywhere.
  • ​Gain a reliable and effective framework to guide you through client sessions.
  • ​Practice an intervention that can release cellular memory and symptoms from traumatic injuries.
  • ​Receive a step-by-step Notebook and Technique Review Cards that illustrate each technique, clinical documentation and intake skills.
Level 2 Student Experiences 
“Level 2 reinforced Level 1 basics and principles. The class was well organized and stayed with the process we originally learned. Wonderful experience ... again! Many thanks.” 

-Christine L.
 Amsterdam, NY  
“I loved that this class gave me a chance to practice my Level 1 skills in a peer group setting, feeling supported and without concern for being ‘perfect’. The additional techniques and skills taught reinforced my original instinct for this work and helped me commit to continuing with the program.” 
-Deborah O.
Boulder, CO   
“The most helpful area of learning that I will put into my clinical practice is learning how to interview and improve my assessment skills.” 

-Steven T.
St. Louis, MO 
“The instructor took time to answer questions in a very thorough manner and gave helpful stories and examples to deepen my learning. It would be hard to improve on this class! Thoroughly delightful! I want to keep going through the training.”

-Cynthia B.
Winston-Salem, NC
16 Hour  Live Online Class  
Level 3 cultivates your ability to apply intuition, listen to guidance and harness universal energy to address more complex health issues and promote lasting healing.  

This class focuses on your development as an energy practitioner through self-care and personal practices. 

You'll also be introduced to several new techniques that will continue to expand your understanding of the human energy field and how it manifests in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

By the end of this class, you will gain intuitive skills working with the seven auric layers of the field around the body.   
Two 90-minute online live practice sessions using the Level 3 techniques - led by the Instructor.
In Level 3 you will...
  • ​Explore how to use your intuition to support your energy work by developing your Higher Sense Perception
  • ​Become familiar with the four dimensions of the human energy system to deepen your spiritual intelligence   
  •  Expand your energetic capacities, consciousness and healing abilities through a Hara Alignment to attain and maintain a high vibrational frequency to facilitate healing in your sessions
  • ​Learn Full Spectrum Healing Sequence for complete activation of the energetic system 
  •  Discover Energetic Chelation for charging and clearing the aura and additional Energetic Spinal Cleansing for spinal issues  
  •  Learn Lymphatic Clearing to energetically flush and clear the lymphatic system assist with soreness, aches, tenderness in the groin, under the arms and neck, feet, swollen joints, chronic illness, toxicity or acute immune disease    
  •  Experience working on the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh energetic bodies to fortify and reconnect the grid of the subtle bodies  
  •  Practice repairing leaks or tears in the aura.     
  •  And much more!
Level 3 Student Experiences 
“It is the spirit of healing and love which surely permeated this class, a very sacred and personal experience for me. Level 3 really feels like a “higher level”. Thank you so much. Thank God for your commitment to teaching others about healing (and really) unconditional love.” 

– Susan R.
Perrysburg, OH 
“This course is the BEST, and the Instructor made the entire experience magical. Everything I learned can be put into clinical practice, including her humor. (I) can’t put into words how meaningful this weekend was! For the first time, everything clicked and I have a feel for what the heck I am doing.” 

- Karen D.
Payson, AZ 
“This Level (3) was challenging, stimulating and confidence boosting. The Healing Touch Program is a fabulous course. I found this level (3) challenging and I loved that! It pushed some buttons and got me thinking. The emphasis on self-care was excellent and I heard it!!! We must grow and look after ourselves (so we can) be of value to our clients.”  

-Kimberly T.
 British Colombia, Canada  
“Very informative and amazing! Such a great knowledge, this level (3)! I was impressed with the presentation and the demonstrations were outstanding. I really felt I progressed in leaps and bounds. Invaluable to my training. I was moved on many levels and the practice was so helpful and reinforcing, especially with the meditation techniques and 5th level techniques.” 

- Morgan H.
Lakewood, CO
Our Instructors
Our Healing Touch Certified Instructors (HTCI) are an incredible group of dedicated, highly skilled educators and healers who lovingly serve their students and HTP with their experience, wisdom, guidance and support. 

They are qualified professionals who actively practice Healing Touch and have completed a rigorous training process to assure that the standardized curriculum and Healing Touch principles are taught and reinforced. HTCI's provide a powerful and safe environment in which healing can take place on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Our Instructors bring a wealth of experience, and most of them have backgrounds in healthcare. Our Instructors strive to meet each student where they are in their personal journey and invite them to open to a wealth of possibilities.
A Comprehensive Program 
The Healing Touch Education and Certification Program includes all the elements you need for learning and both personal and professional growth.   

Not only will you get the live training events, you'll find all the resources and support 
you will need to help you excel and flourish.  
Our program includes:
  •  Live Training and Materials - Each level of Healing Touch is offered as a live class where you will practice hands-on learning in a group environment so you can experience first-hand the effects of each technique from a practitioner and receiver perspective. Extended learning is provided with group discussion after each exchange.
  • Staff Support – Healing Touch Program (HTP) has a dedicated staff to assist you through your Healing Touch Journey. In addition to our certified instructors, we have several boards and committees supporting you with ethics, research and certification. The Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) is dedicated to your ongoing professional growth and practice support.   
  •  Student Support Portals - Available to you for extended education and resource material that will help support your learning and practice.  
  •  Community – We are a dedicated group of individuals that support each other in this journey of energy healing.   
  •  Professional Development – Through HTPA we continue to support your growth as a practitioner and your practice through on-line education, interactive calls and other training material. 
  •  Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner - is open to all students who have satisfactorily completed Levels 1-5 of the Healing Touch Program (HTP) coursework and received a Certificate of Course Completion. Practitioner certification is an appropriate goal for all who wish to establish a Healing Touch practice or incorporate Healing Touch as a focus within an existing practice.
  •  Continuing Education - Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. (ANCC). 
Healing Touch Program Unconditional Guarantee
Healing Touch Program classes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and my personal promise. After attending an entire Healing Touch class, take 10 days to use the Healing Touch skills that you learned on yourself or another. If your find that you have not received any value and cannot positively influence your life with the Healing Touch techniques and principles you learned in the class, you may request a refund of your tuition according to our refund policy.

For a Level 1, 2 or 3 class, call or email your instructor and explain your experience within 10 days after completing the class and we will work with your instructor to refund your tuition. We will also follow up with you to learn how we can best serve your needs and make improvements. 

For all other classes, email us at info@healingtouchprogram.com and explain your experience within 10 days after completing the class and we will contact you and refund your tuition.  

I take your energy medicine education to heart, and you have my personal promise that Healing Touch will prepare you to offer a holistic, heart-centered way of caring for yourself and others. 

   – Lisa Mentgen-Gordon,
      CEO Healing Touch Program

Refund Policy
All HTP classes are taught by a Healing Touch Certified Instructor (HTCI) who is certified and authorized to teach the class. 
Classes are sponsored in two ways: HTP Sponsored Class or Independent Class. Click here to see the Class Refund Policy
Become part of the new generation of Energy Practitioners who are changing the consciousness of the planet.
Our curriculum is based on an in-depth understanding and practice of energetic work using scientifically supported techniques that complement conventional medicine as well as other therapeutic treatments. 
What our graduates have to say about Healing Touch Program...
"If you are a person who feels called to expand yourself Healing Touch Program is for you. You will get to know yourself at levels you never imagined, and if you feel called and blessed to do this work of creating a world that fills others with wholeness, peace and the desire to keep working on themselves, these classes prepare you for the task. Incredible platform to launch and always will provide you with new additional resources both in people and educational resources. Love the depth of these programs and their heart centers energy."

 Debra Dailey, HTCP, LMT
Kneaded Touch Therapeutic Relief, Anchorage, AK
"Becoming Certified in Healing Touch Program was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. It was hard but well worth the work. It means as much or more than my College Degree."

Linda M Martin
WEeAm Healing Touch, 
Sundre, AB, Canada
"I may have several modalities to choose from but there are basics of Healing Touch (HT) that are the foundation of every client’s treatment. The ethics and scope of practice learned in HT surpass any other I have found in any other program and keep me grounded in all my work.
I feel confident in treating clients with issues that I would not have felt capable of before my certification. I also love that there is a great community and that if I have a question there are so many others that I've met, students, instructors and my Mentor who are there to reach out to for additional guidance or for support. 

Jo M. Hughes, HTCP ThetaHealing Practitioner & Instructor, Expanding Within Therapies, LLC 
Alachua, FL

"I found my entire life changed for the better after receiving my Healing Touch Certification. The more I give by doing the work, the more I receive and for that I am very grateful."

 Deborah Ostafi RN, HTP, LMT
Healing Touch of N. Kentucky
Florence, Kentucky

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E-Mail: info@HealingTouchProgram.com
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Phone Support Hours: 
M-TH, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Central
Voicemail on after hours.
Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
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