COVID-19 Support
Please take a collective, quiet moment to visualize a smooth exit transition for the virus, as well as any complications it may be causing, and send love, healing, and protective energies to all those who are being affected at this time.

Healing Touch Program - COVID-19 Support Page

Healing Touch Program (HTP) is a family owned and operated organization that for 30 years has been dedicated to teaching individuals and healthcare workers about energy healing and how to use it for holistic healing, health and wellness. We are passionate about sharing knowledge, information and tools that empower and support you in energetically caring for your body, mind and spirit.
In these challenging times, it is important to take time for self-care intended to ease the mind, calm the spirit, support the immune system and promote natural self-healing.

HTP will continue to update this site with information so please visit again.
Together with our professional associations, we have information and resources for those interested in holistic health and energy healing.

  • Those who use energy healing for their self-care 
  • Parents and caregivers who use energy healing for those they love and support
  • Consumers of holistic healing services
  • Professional providers of energy healing and bodywork therapies
  • ​Professional healthcare workers using energy healing in their practice
  • ​Students learning Healing Touch or other methods of energy healing
If you want to learn more about Healing Touch energy therapy and our training classes, visit
You may download a free copy of our course catalog

Holistic choices to support your health and wellness

Stress, anxiety and fear weaken the immune system. During this time of immense change that impacts our lives every day, it is all too easy to be influenced by the media and others in a negative way that increases anxiety and fear and creates stress.

Be mindful of what you choose to allow to come in and notice how it affects you. It is important to be informed and we have choices on how we stay updated on advice provided by healthcare professionals and regulations in place by government agencies. Sometimes reading information is less stressful than listening to media broadcasts.

Take as much time as you can each day to use any combination of tools that bring you peace, ease your heart, make you smile and help create a moment of feeling calm and relaxed.

  • Healing Touch self-care techniques
  • Guided meditation recordings
  • Focused breathing 
  • Journaling
  • Music – listening or creating it
  • Reading
  • ​Preparing healthy food
  • Dancing, exercise, stretching, moving your body
  • ​Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong
Nurture your body as much as you can with good nutrition, vitamins and supplements, adequate sleep and energy healing clearing and balancing.

Additional Resources:

 Boosting Immunity

Anthony William the Medical Medium created a Virus Protection Report that you can download for free. This offers suggestions for how you can help build up your immune system so you can fight off anything you might be exposed to. He also gives you healing information and tools, such as antiviral foods, antiviral herbs and supplements, and antiviral practices, that can help you recover more quickly and effectively from anything you might contract. 
Food Matters shared an article COVID-19: How to Prepare Your System For a New Virus Never Seen Before
By Jodi Chapman, naturopath, to share her advice and protocol for prevention and treatment, using natural herbs and essential micronutrients. 
Institute for Functional Medicine: Boosting Immunity: Functional Medicine Tips on Prevention & Optimizing Immune Function During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak
Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine COVID19 website shares with you integrative perspectives on the coronavirus. This is intended to augment (not replace) public health measures of handwashing, physical distancing, and seeking testing/medical care should you become sick. This site focus on the value of healthy lifestyle—including sleep, stress management, dietary approaches, and supplements to support your immune system.


Amelia Vogler, our Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) Director, has offered you a gift of one of her professionally recorded grounding meditations to use and download.
This meditation was produced by a grammy-nominated producer and the music was written through an interesting process of watching the energy shifts in listeners to create energetic fluency between the words and the music. Prayers were made throughout production.  
HeartMath Care Focus YouTube - Special Care Focus regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - a technique for reducing and overcoming fear. 10 minutes. 

Healing Touch Self-Care Techniques to Use and Share with Others

The Chakra Connection and Mind Clearing techniques are both used to bring relaxation and support the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal. Both are taught in the Healing Touch Level 1 class and are ideal for self-care.
Both can use used for:
  • Relaxation and calming
  • Relieving anxiety, stress, pain
  • Sleep support
In these videos, Jeannette Nienaber, HTP Instructor Manager and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor guides you through the technique. The handouts provide information and pictures to guide you.

Self Chakra Connection

The Chakra Connection is a wonderful full body technique used to open, connect and balance the energy centers in the limbs and body. It was developed W. Brugh Joy, M.D. and adapted by Janet Mentgen, R.N. for the Healing Touch Program curriculum. 

Self Guided Video 22 minutes
with Jeannette Nienaber, Certified Healing Touch Instructor. 

Mind Clearing

The Mind Clearing technique uses light touch in specific places on the head to quiet the mind, bring relaxation and relieve headaches. 

Self Guided Video 7 minutes
with Jeannette Nienaber, Certified Healing Touch Instructor. 

 Search our Healing Touch Practitioner Directory to find a practitioner. 

Therapeutic Energy Healing Sessions

Many of our trained practitioners are providing Healing Touch Energy Healing Sessions remotely or at a distance rather than in person. Search our Practitioner Directory to find a practitioner. 

How Remote Healing Sessions are Conducted

Remote Healing Touch sessions are conducted in the same way that in person sessions are held. The trained practitioner and client talk on the phone or computer and the following occurs:
  • An intake that includes consent for treatment and intention setting
  • Pretreatment energetic assessment
  • Application of therapeutic Healing Touch techniques
  • Post treatment energetic assessment
  • Follow up conversation exchanging feedback
Remote healing sessions are also referred to as Nonlocal and Distance. If you would like information on remote energy healing there are many sources on the internet. The National Institutes of Health has a research article, Distant Healing Intention Therapies: An Overview of the Scientific Evidence

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